Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cabo Wabo on the Baja

Lorie and I had an almost private cove for snorkeling. We were undeterred by the "attack of the jellyfish."

Katie, Lorie, and I enjoyed swimming with Ende the Dolphin.

We hiked in to this amazing "cascada" in the desert. I opted for the low dive.

Tandem parasailing rocks.

Gordo, famous for buck fifty carne asada tacos and serenading as the "fifth Beatle."
"I... should of known better with a girl like you . . ."

"That I could love everything that you do . . . and I do . . . hey, hey hey . . ."

Dos Senoritas bonita!

El Rolando Viejo.


  1. Thanks for the update on the trip. It must be easy to have a good time there or you faked it very well. Glad to have to back, though.

  2. Bill, must of been good to back to the home land. Lorie, you were born for the sun. Katie, cute as the dolphins

  3. I had to look twice....I thought for sure that Gordo was really Greg with a world class toupee. What a fun trip. YPR always seems to be hanging out with the cute girls