Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Emmetts!

Just an update, today was my first doctors appointment. (This time the picture IS mine. :) I went in at 8:30 & they couldn't find a heartbeat. The same thing happened with Polly, so I got to go get an ultra sound! Yay! I had to go back at 12:45 so that was a pain, but in the end worth it. The heartbeat showed up right away & I got lots of pictures to take home. So all is well, new due date is August 1st. That also happened with Polly. At first, I was told that I was 10 weeks & when I got the ultra sound, they said only 8 weeks. Anyway, who really knows when they are only 3 inches long?

Thanks to everyone for another great Christmas, it was a success as usual. We are always grateful to be there & were thrilled to be at Emily's farewell. One of the best talks I have EVER heard. In Lorin's words, "it was a total home-run!"

I am excited for January 4th to potentially hear from John & Beth after they go in for a gender check!!! Thanks again to everyone, especially my family for making the drive out & to Grandma & Grandpa for the hard work & never ending hospitality. Happy New Year!

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  1. We are now fully convinced that you really are pregnant. May the time between now and August 1st go swiftly and without complication! We are in total agreement regarding Emily's talk and the get-to-gethers during the Holidays - what a great time of the year.