Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas '07

What a great Christmas! Many thanks to all of you who were able to be here for at least part of the celebration. My (Papa John's) perception was that it was, as usual, a lot of work for Norda but she spread much of it out over time, which helped, and, in addition, she really appreciated the help from others to pull things off. We were doubly blessed with a multitude of presents and will offer the pictures as our thanks for your thoughtfulness. The gift cards to Cafe Sabor/Hamilton's don't show because they were sitting on my desk during the photo session but they will definitely be put to good use in the future. Some of the puzzles pictured were from past years but so much time was expended putting them together that we thought it would be appropriate to include them also. At the green sweatshirts said years ago, "Ho, Ho, Ho, May it Ever be So!"
We love you all and don't you ever forget it!


  1. Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful family and your open doors during the holidays. The food is always great and we are truely blessed to be part of a great family. Love the Logan Emmett's

  2. The Irvine Emmett's second Tom's comments. Thanks so much for the great Christmas. We sure appreciate all the hard work that goes into preparing for the large gathering and feeding so many each day. Thanks so much. We love you!

  3. Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa). Your record for perfect Christmas' remains perfect. Thanks for establishing and maintaning such great Christmas traditions over all these years. That's what it's all about. - The Illini Emmetts