Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HGTV needs to be blocked!!

It seems to me that someone around here is watching to much Home and Garden TV and not enough ESPN. All Annie wanted for Christmas this year was new flooring for the two upstairs bathrooms, hallway and new carpet on the stairs. I decided to get in on the action and redo my office bathroom. Out with the much maligned (well, at least bathroom carpet is maligned on HGTV) carpet in the bathrooms, the worn out carpet on the stairs and the glue down industrial carpet in my office bathroom along with my $300 pre-fab plastic shower. Also gone are the old counter tops, replaced by granite and the contractor mirror in the master bath replaced by a new mirror that ties in with the new counter top and flooring. Also out are the contractor Hollywood lights that were in all of the bathrooms. The master bath and the shop bath have new marble floors and the hallway and kid's bath have new hardwood floors. Both upstairs bathrooms received a fresh coat of butter/cream colored paint. I used the remnant of the two pre-fab counter tops in my office bathroom and I used the left over hardwood to install a hardwood floor in the linen closet. The new baseboard matches what we installed on the first floor for last year's Christmas. Annie and I are pretty happy with the way it turned out. Now that we have the house upgraded, we are ready to sell and maybe downsize as step one of our long term plan to retire to Utah. We wanted to send these photos to Michael and I thought the rest of you home decorators might enjoy taking a peek.
Michael's bedroom is looking less like Michael's room and more like a combo guest room and Annie's computer room.
I did get one photo of the master bath without the big rug so you can see the floor.


  1. Now that it looks like a brand new home, how come you are thinking of selling and facing the possibility of having to do the same thing over again in your next digs? Are you just looking for someplace to use your evident expertice in sprucing up a home? However, anything that will eventually have a possibility of getting you back to Utah is OK in our book so - go for it!

  2. Wow! It does look brand new. :) That's Lorin's plan...fix it up & get out. Haha - I especially love the picture with Annie peeking out around the corner!

  3. I like the one with my Dad's reflection on the shower door.