Saturday, January 12, 2008

Emily Leaves on her Mission

Walking to the MTC. By this time, tears had already started from some of the sisters.
Emily getting initial directions and her Missionary Badge

Sister Lundberg and her sisters. Mary says she wants all of her daughters to follow Emily's example and serve a mission. I keep telling them they can wait until they are married and serve with their husbands.

Emily (with lots of luggage) prepares to enter the MTC. I tried to convince her we could go later in the day (according to Bruce Dickerson), but she would have nothing of it. She also guaranteed me she had not exceeded the luggage weight regulations. The MTC departure was a little harder on Emily's sisters than I thought it would be. Camilla and Carly broke down in to all out sobbing. As they tell you in the MTC, parting is easiest if you use the band-aid method. "The faster the better." As with everything else, Emily intended to follow the guidance to perfection so after a hug and "I love you" to each of us, she was the first missionary from our presentation group to go through the "missionary doors" and never looked back.

She will be a great missionary!


  1. We certainly agree - she will be a great missionary! She will bless the live of those with whom she comes in contact in New England and her Mission President will be exceedingly glad to have her serving with him. Our prayers will be with her while she is away. Thanks for sending the pictures.

  2. Just looking at Camilla's tear filled eyes brought tears to mine. Emily is going to be an awesome missionary. I'm predicting that her mom is going to get more faithful checking her email for the next 18 months!

  3. She is probably the cutest and best dressed sister missionary I have seen! I'm so proud of all of my missionary cousins!

  4. What a pretty missionary! I too like Bob started to get teary-eyed looking at the picture of Camilla. Good luck to Emily she will be a great missionary!