Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bob growing up

Bob and Norda in apple orchard at Harvard, Massechusettes 1955

Bob in stroller on the porch of the Harvard Inn 1955

Bob in back yard of Stratford Avenue home in Salt Lake City 1957

Bob in snow storm with chipped temporary front teeth 1958

Bob relaxing in leather chair in Providence 1961

Bob marching with Jr. High band 1972

Bob as photographer about 1969

Bob with new hair dryer at Christmas 1972

Bob as high school graduate 1973

Bob skiing at Sun Valley 1969

Bob hiding behind mike as charter member of the Crimson Colony 1973

Bob water skiing at Lake Powell 1978
Norda decided no one would dare make fun of her little boy so be sure you honor her decision!


  1. Ok, was the Crimson Colony a cover for some weird religious cult and why are your pajamas purple?

  2. I would like to give a shout out to Mom, Norda, on this birth-day, what a cute mother. And how about 8 babies? Thanks, love you Mom.

  3. It's so cool how he has the same hair now is 2008 as he did in 1958!


  4. May I add my belated birthday greetings to a man who knows the value of a good fish taco and a Diet Coke; a man who can carry the weight of the stake on his shoulders and the weight of Deb Dance on his thigh; a man who will tear up at the sight of Camilla crying but will carry a stiff upper lip (or is it a tight chin?)at the sight of his wearing lavender p.j.'s

    While we all enjoyed the BB signs during LOTOJA, I believe that it should be looked upon as a challenge to aspire to "Beat Bob" in his appreciation and application of the "good life."

    I'm thinking we'd all be the better for it.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words and the birthday greetings. A few clarifications:

    - Bill is correct, the pajama's were lavender, not purple
    - I still wear the same swim suit from Lake Powell '78. The new ones are too long and don't show off my legs to my liking..
    - Rick Mendini made it into two photos, he's on the row behind me in the Band photo and the one in the glasses in the Crimson Colony photo
    - The yellow Crimson Colony shirt was the best and I could have supported Deb Dance on one knee and Kristy Larsen on the other.
    - Besides being very cute, mom was the best mom ever.
    - my $20 hair cut is a number 2 on the sides and a number 3 on top vs. dad's number two all the way around. It's just that less hair on top makes a number 3 look like a number 2......

  6. Now thats a cut! and I wouldn't exactly call the water glass!