Thursday, January 10, 2008

Find the missionary who just entered the Provo MTC

Sister Emily Lundberg.

Because I have never figured out how to manage a posting on this blog, comments here will have to suffice. Posted above, from top to bottom, are pictures of the sweetheart in a swing; with parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother Veara; with parents, Amanda, and Jamie; reclining on a shawl; making cookies; in USU sweatshirt with father (who reniged and sent her to BYU); in 70's Hall at Nauvoo; holding missing tooth waiting for the tooth fairy; with sister Amanda; and, finally, "what is she thinking?" The chances are pretty good that she will have a lot of prayers offered in her behalf during the coming 18 months but some of us may worry about her a litle bit anyway.

Edit by Bob: Since dad made the closing comment in his post about prayers offered on behalf of Emily, I thought this might be a good spot to post Chad's email about Joel's prayers for the missionaries:

'The Springville Emmetts regularly pray for the cousin missionaries--especially Joel. Blessing the cousin missionaries by name is part of his bed time prayer ritual. For many months his prayer was for David (Tueller in Tennessee), Ben and Michael. It took some practice to then shift to just "Please bless Ben and Michael on their missions" when David returned home last November. Tonight as he was praying he said "please bless Ben and Michael..." then he stopped looked at me and asked "Is Emily on her mission now?" to which I responded "Yes" to which Joel then without a break said "...and Emily on their missions." Joel knew that Emily entered the MTC today but he had thought that she would go home to sleep since she lived so close to Provo. For the next few months (until Ben comes home) know that Joel is praying each night for "Ben, Michael and Emily on their missions." I am so grateful for the good example of cousins. Our children are growing up very aware that serving a mission is a good thing.'

love to all the Emmetts,


  1. I even included Emily in our family prayer a week early, thinking she entered the MTC January 2. Always nice to have a running start.

  2. I need details on the MTC. Tears? who struggled the most? mom? dad? sisters? How did Emily do? I guess I'll have to wait for the family letters

  3. Sorry. Had to leave for New York immediately following the trip to MTC. Photos from the MTC and other details to be posted shortly. The pictures of Emily from years gone by defintely brought a few tears from Mary. OK me too. Thanks Papa John!