Thursday, January 10, 2008

YPR's Special Day

Or should the title be Special YPR's day? Let me be the first to say Bill is the best big brother of ALL time. Happy Birthday to My Pal Roland!!!

What a great leader he is, whether on the slopes, in the Tetons, calming the rough waters at Lake Powell or sniffing out the last of the leftovers.

"Forgot your poles? No problem. I have a pair in the lost and found that Wilt Chamberlain left here last week."


  1. I had completely forgotten where those ski poles came from - thanks for the info, Bob. As near as I could tell, eveything else was true.

  2. What a celebration, Bill skied Barry Noorda and me into the ground at Snowbasin today with 17 inches of new snow. One work, "Epic," as is Bill. Happy Days Bro.

  3. Well, some things are quite obvious from these photos:

    1) Roland and Facial Hair are not great combos.

    2) A man needs ski poles to match his ears.

    3) Yellow lens glasses should not be worn by anyone.

    4) Lorie is the best looking part of me.

    Thanks for the nice tribute and comments. I topped off the fabulous powder day a the Basin with Tom by taking Lorie for some shrimp tacos at Cafe Sabor. Marvelous!

  4. 17 inches? I picked the wrong year to miss Bills b-day fresh tracks extravaganza. How many of the runs did Bill require you take your skis off and hike up No Name?

  5. Alas, No Name was never opened (we could see a few fracture lines from the lift) so hiking was kept to a minimum. You would have liked it.