Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Skiing - Sam, Mac & Alex

Alex dropping the rock on the Back-Side of Beaver

Mac looking over the race list.

Mac on the Back-Side of Beaver, steep and deep!

Both Sam and Mac are #1

In the Needles Express Gondola

Alex taking a break waiting for Sam to race.

Sam letting them run....

Sam finished 3rd in her age group (ages 14-16) at the Snowbasin Super-G
with teams from Park City to Sun Valley....


  1. 'Atta girl Samboni!! That Canadian Spyder suit must have cut off at LEAST a second or two. Well skied.

  2. I"d like to say "skied like a true Emmett" if it weren't for the fact that there haven't been any other dedicated racers in the family. However, WAY TO GO!

  3. Nice job Sam! Clark says you are his hero and he wishes he was as fast as you!

  4. Well the speed suit IS fetching and does make me go faster! However I like to think of it as OLD SCHOOL LOGAN (go Grizz!) istead of Canada colors.

  5. Way to go SAMMY!!! Hopefully we'll see you at Snowbird next Saturday.

  6. Congratulations to the next Picabo Street!

  7. Here is a quote from one of the Sam's coaches, "For the girls and the highlight of the weekend was Sam Emmett pulling out a 3rd place and was the top J2 in
    race 1. Destry was 2nd and Haley was 4th..."

  8. Sammy's smile on the podium is priceless. With many more podiums in Sam's future, her chief sponsor needs to provide podium gear that stands out a little more than the gray norda's hoody. I agree with Sam, the LHS Griz skin suit is fetching. Where can I get one?

  9. I'm so glad to see an Emmett on a podium that doesn't say "finisher". Way to go Sammy!

    what does J2 mean?

  10. Emmett who can 'walk the walk'.

    Step down, Jean Claude. There's a new hero atop my list of favorite ski racers.

    Way to go Sam!!!!!!!

  11. J2 is the age group that I am in.
    J1 is the oldest age group and J5 is the youngest age group. If that makes any sense!?