Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who needs to wait 'til October 5th to have a party?

Jack's turning ONE tomorrow, but Annie and I are back in California so Annie decided to have a party before we left. Jack enjoyed his new riding car more than the party hat. He did some damage to his birthday cake, but cleaned up well. It took him a second to realize that Beth had just walked into Cafe Rio but he had a smile and kiss for her. Beth seemed to think that Jack had grown during the week she was gone. No doubt he had. No way grandma and grandpa are going to let their only grandson go hungry.


  1. What a relief to find out that Jack hadn't forgotten how to smile while his mother was away - and that she (they) made it back to Midway safe and sound.

  2. Does the young lad ever NOT smile! He's got his grandpa's sweet one-year-old disposition . . . or, well, maybe not. Definitely a cute kid.

  3. Happy 1st year birthday Jack... That smile will trap air and slow you down on the bike and skis. Your favorite great uncle, Tom