Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nice Chair gramps, now give me my bottle!!

John, Beth, Jack and Brian made a quick trip to Irvine late Saturday night for the Irvine Stake Presidency reorganization the following day. We are sure glad they made the trip. John and Brian were back on a plane the next evening so they could be back to work and school on Monday. Beth and Jack stayed behind for a few more days. It's been fun having them hang out. Jack was sitting in the chair when his eyes saw grandma Annie walking his way with a bottle. He was happy to take it and enjoy 84 seconds of relaxation in the Rip Van Lee.


  1. Good loking grandchild in a great looking chair - what more could you ask?

  2. That first picture is giving me some deja-vu from a picture of John when he was little...