Thursday, October 4, 2007

While Mom's Away, Jack will play

First Beth delivered the good news about her pregnancy and expected delivery of number two next May, then last Wednesday, she jumped on a plane with her sister and mother to go visit her other sister in Virginia - who had just delivered baby number three. That gave Annie an opportunity to fly to Utah and spend the week with Jack! She spent the first few days in Logan with Great-grandma Smith. Jack was also able to see Great grandma and grandpa Emmett while he was in town. I flew up on Sunday evening. Annie and I spent the next three days in Midway watching Jack so John could work and go to school. We had a great time. Every morning Jack wakes up happy and is content to sit in his crib and wait for someone to come get him. He loves his grandma and his dad - and even seems to enjoy his grandpa. We enjoyed playing hide and seek, and following him around - he's always on the move. He's always ready to go for a truck ride with his dad. I'm pretty sure he told the server at Loco Lizard that he wanted the same dinner as his dad. Brian and Jackie stopped by to join us for dinner one night and for Brian to show off his most excellent LOTOJA sticker on his car. sweet.

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  1. Okay, that is the cutest picture of John and Jack both smiling by the truck!!