Friday, October 5, 2007

Mission Call and Tennis Victory

Emily opening her misssion call to the New Hampshire, Manchester mission. Congrats Sam for guessing the exact mission! (Prizes to be forthcoming). Her very proud father. Some unknown child wondering what the heck is going on?
Emily's friends look on.

Jami places third in the Region Tennis Tournament. And the team takes First.

Carly doing her newly choreographed "hip-hop" dance routine. Definitely too much watching "So You Think You Can Dance."


  1. Yeah! How exciting Emily, congratulations!
    Way to go Jamie as well, third in Region is awesome.

  2. Emily is going to be one awesome missionary. We're a little disappointed that she didn't get called to Anaheim but that's New Hampshire's gain. I'll tell Michel to watch out for Jamie now that it looks like there's a Mapleton Lundberg that can take him in tennis when he gets home. Carly - your snarl is almost as cute as your smile. Keep dancing.

  3. Emily, congrates to the best sister missionary in the family since Sister Grandma Norda.

    All the Lundberg gals look very cute.

  4. Anywhere in New England sounds good to us. We know it will be a special experience for Emily and for the people of New Hampshire. congratulations for carrying on a family tradition.

    Where did these skiing tennis players come from? Congratulations, Jamie.

    And Carly looks a lot more determined than Marie Osmond does on "Dancing With the Stars.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS EM!! I'm so excited for you!! Congratulations to the tennis, horse riding, and hip hop dancing Lundbergs too!!!

  6. Thank you so very much for all the love and support! I couldn't ask for a better family and I can't wait to serve the Lord in New England. I am so grateful for this wonderful gospel and I know it's true. I love you all!


    oh and are the winner and I owe you the most amazing prize ever!

  7. Congratulations Emily! I'm so exicted for you!