Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lake Powell Revisited

Remember those great trips to Lake Powell? Well as you can see, Mary still has her great form (skiing and otherwise).
And Emily is always looking for more speed. Hoping to get high enough to complete a flip (or something like that).
Somehow we missed Amanda on the wake board. But we did record her domination on the . . . whatever that thing is?
Jamie following in the great form of her Mom. Did Mary ever wake board?
Camilla was the master of the KneeBoard.

Bill is thinking, "I remember the time it took us 17 tries to get Jim up on that ski for the first time."


  1. A flood of good memories came rushing in as we looked at the pictures. Great job! I am sure Mary could have handled a wake-board but they hadn't been invented yet when we retired the Gulfstream.

  2. Oh Jim, you're exaggerating a bit. It was only 15 tries, but then who's counting. Nice job girls.