Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charleston High Homecoming

Erin and her date Ryan were the Freshman attendants.
Molly and her date Lee.

The two cutest girls at the dance!
Dresses made by Mom, of course. Molly's was finished just in time for her to walk out the door.


  1. Thanks for the extra pictures of the dates. I wonder if having a pretty mother has anything to do with three beautiful girls ending up in the same family?

  2. They surely don't get it from their father!

  3. Like anyone thought they get their looks from any of their uncles or father.... BABE-A-LISHES, both of them. Not to mention the dress designer is out of this world.

  4. Very CUTE. I think I once wore a tux the color of Erin's dress.

  5. Belles of the Ball. And I used to have hair the color of Molly's dress.