Saturday, October 20, 2007

More fun in Charleston...

As I was finishing up my Family Letter, I realized i never posted these videos from the trip. We have Erin as the Freshman Attendant in the Homecoming Court Royalty, being introduced at Half Time. It goes a little bit long because I wanted to include my best friend, Lindsey's, younger brother who was on the court for the Sophomore Class.

Here is the performance by JV & Varsity Trojets (Hi-Lo's, equivilent)
Erin starts out in the second triangle, in the back right corner. When they move to the kickline, she is at the 50 yard line, one of the tallest dancers...opposite of me, prettymuch on the else everytime. She is also on the end as they move into the windmill's...which is a difficult place to be no matter how long your legs are. After that, I lose track of her. :)


  1. Way to go Erin and Molly! It looks like you both had a lot of fun! SAM

  2. Thanks for the postings. It made it possible to get a taste of Homecoming in Charleston and also see the talent of three of our grand-daughters (photographer Paige included.)

  3. Molly, you rock!!!! Erin, I think Shelly and Mary are jelous, they were never on the 50 yard line, only on the ends of the dancing lines, you're awsome. It is nice to know Jake also sacrificed his talents for his kids...