Friday, September 14, 2007

Brian's 23rd!

  • Top 10 of Brians 23rd Birthday!

10. Getting to drive the Durango to Provo makes for a more comfortable trip than the car.

9. Finallly purchased "Twilight" from a BYU student who advertised on craigslist.

8. Polly spilling milk all over herself.
8a. Lorin washing her PJ's in the bathroom sink & using the dryer for a half hour.
8b. Naked baby at college party is a total hit.

7. "Debating" with Lorin on directions...neither of us were right but we got there!

6. Great birthday picture for the blog

5. Hanging out in one of the best bachelor pads in all of Provo

4. All the otter pops you could eat

3. Chatting with Jackie about Lotoja & being an english major

2. Seeing John, Emily & Amanda

1. Two hugs from the birthday boy. Happy Birthday!