Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life in Logan, again...

Shelly snapped some photos today on a walk up Dry Canyon. A bit of snow in the shade of the rocks. We enjoyed a little snow ball fight, first of the season, many to come we hope. The colors are very pretty at this time.

Alex in flag football, they switch positions every play. Alex ran a kick off and a hand off to score his Rams their only two touchdowns. Tie 2-2 as some kids say.

Sam is still playing a little bit of soccer, one more week then on to state. LHS is undeafeted in region play with two more games.


  1. What do you do in your spare time -keep a bank out of trouble and run two stores in Logan and Park City? We have enjoyed watching Mac dance, Alex play football, and Sam play soccer. The pictures of the fall leaves are great and the action in the games really shows.

  2. Tom E. Great action shot of Alex making the run to the goal and of Sammy with total control of the ball in both shots. You are a pro.