Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Emily's mission call!!! wahoo...it's guessing time again

So I thought I would post my first blog...hope this is exciting enough news to be here. And I want everyone to guess where you think I'll be going. words of wisdom/advice/comments/questions/concerns are also more than welcome. Oh and my papers were officially in yesterday so two and a half weeks I, along with all of you, will know where I'm off to the first of 2008. Thanks for your love and support. Hope to hear from you all very soon. Loves!


  1. Emily,
    I'm so excited for the up and coming mission call!
    I, meaning Melissa, think your mission call will be to: Salzburg, Austria.
    Very cute picture as well.

  2. Connecticut Hartford (which includes Waterbury!)

  3. Lesa predicts Nauvoo Illinois.

    Jake is going with Pennsylvania Philadelphia!

    Regardless, we are very excited for you Emily!

  4. That's one cute missionary. I predict Japan Nagoya

  5. I can't believe it is already here! I"m so excited for you. My guess is Italy/Rome. Can't wait to hear!

  6. Way to go Emily.

    Will says "crocodile mission" (I'll interpret that as being Australia)

    Joel says South Africa

    Sarah says Brazil

    Marie says Hong Kong

    Chad says Indonesia (hey they are once again allowing in a select few of top notch foreign sister missionaries)

  7. Well I showed Polly a map of the world & she pointed to the Republic of Kazakhstan...then Quebec. So we'll go with that.

    Lorin guesses Columbia

    Paige guesses Temple Square so we can come visit!

  8. Alex thinks Nebraska Omaha, Mac says Chile, Sam is going with New Hampshire Manchester, Shelly is thinking Norway Oslo and I'll go with England London. Any place will be the best mission for you Emily. You will be the best missionary no matter where you end up.

  9. So Exciting! My guess is Richmond, Virginia!

  10. a girl in my ward was just called to South Africa Cape Town leaving Jan. 19th and you would make a perfect companion down the road after you both have been trained.