Monday, September 10, 2007

LOTOJA at montpelier 9-8-07

While we wait for the "official" first hand reports of the LOTOJA race, here are a few of the pictures I took with the new camera at Montpelier. I am still trying to figure out how to use it , how to download the images, how and where to store them, how to retrieve them, etc. I hope all of this frustration is a real preventative for Alzheimer's disease - I would hate to have it go to waste.

The line-up of support, moral and literal, groups along the highway.

Kristin waiting for the action to start with musette bag in hand.
A winsome bevy includiing Jackie, Kristin, Adrienne and Beth.

Norda added to the onlookers.
The rest of the supporters waiting for the bikers.

Sam and Mac with the sign encouraging Tom to "go for it."

Alex fighting dehydration.

Mac wishing the sun would let up a bit.

Zone number where the racers could find us all.

Brian changing musette bag.

John coming into zone 7.

Brian and Beth.

John and Beth.

Tom and Kirk

Tom whistling.

Bob arriving in Montpelier.

Bob and advertisements.
Bob leaving Montpelier.
In spite of various ailments, pains, frustrations, and challenges I think the final word was that everyone almost enjoyed it. Congratulation!


  1. If only I looked that good in Lycra.

    Well done all!!

  2. Great photos! Congratulations to Team Norda's espeically the Emmett core of John, Brian, Tom and Bob.

  3. what does the BB stand for in Mac's flag?

  4. John - you'll have to ask Mac and Sam about the "BB" on the flag stands for. I think it was some sort of a code to help inspire their dad.

  5. BB = Bring it on Baby.... I'm looking like a squirrel getting ready for the winter (and some say I have lost a little weight, not in that photo) However did you all notice Lance Armstrong in the Dicovery kit next to Kurt and me? (or it it Kip from Napoleon Dynamite?) How about that hoggie????

  6. Wow, Kip really worked up an appetite on his ride to Montpelier.

    Thanks everyone for being there (and in Preston Bill)! Montpelier is nicer when you recognize at least one person at the feed zone. Next year's goal is 4 for 4 on support at the feed zones.