Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Logan Labor Day

Polly at the Gateway Mall fountain

Polly swimming at our pool Labor Day weekend

Lorin swimming with Polly Labor Day weekend

Lorin & Polly

Polly & Max getting a ride around at the Twin Pine Ranch Labor Day 2007

Polly & Max reminding us of Ben & Emily

Max 18 Months

Max 18 months

Max 18 months

The hug resulted in the two collapsing in the yard.

Polly taking a swim in Hyde Park

Labor Day 2007 was a great weekend for our family. We spent Saturday at our pool in West Jordan, thinking it would be busy but ended up being alone the whole time! I "got" to teach in YW, so we headed to Cache Valley Sunday after church. We spent the evening in Hyde Park watching home videos of Lorin when he was little. Very fun. It was a late night, but the next day was spend playing with Al & Max at the Twin Pine Ranch & a great lunch from the garden by Grandma & Grandpa. I am SO happy that their house is a welcome meeting place for one & all! Lorin spend Labor Day "laboring" on the addition to his parents house, selling his brother a cell phone (You can take the man out of sales, but you can't take the sales out of the man!) & a haircut from Susan. The addition has been a couple years in the making, but it will be done someday! I also enjoyed scrapbooking, shoe shopping & coloring my hair with Cassidy & Susan. We got a lot done for such a short trip!
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  1. It's a god thing you were here with your camera to get these great pictures. I'll try to not have the batterydead on my camera the next time you come. It was good to have you and Allison here so we could see Polly and Max plus the two of you.