Thursday, November 5, 2009


Camptured on film Steve displays his disappointment shared with many Emmett's about the Phillies lose to the Yankees.... there is always next year. a JTShep original


  1. In my eyes, the series wasn't a "fall classic" but Sheps digital imaging magic produces yet another SteveLo classic. Makes me wonder if SteveLo will be in the SI swim suit issue?

  2. Steve really seem to get around but doesn't change much at the same time. Here's hoping that Shep never runs out of places for us to see him.

  3. Yet another Shep-Dizzle classic! Even as we speak, SteveLo is stocking up on Hires Root Beer and cow bells for that long Goldwing ride to Vancouver. Can't wait to see him celebrating with Lindsey Vonn at the finish line.