Monday, November 9, 2009

The oldest grandson is even older

John celebrated his 31st Birthday on November 3rd. Sunday, a few friends and some of Beth's family joined us to celebrate with good food and birthday cake. As I recall, 31 years ago, I missed the annual Warren Miller ski movie due to a 'family conflict' taking place in the delivery room. I told John that if he would have delayed his arrival by a day, I'm pretty sure I would have won the free ski goggles given away during intermission at the ski movie. Arriving a day early was not an option since our USU student insurance didn't take effect until Nov 3.

It takes a village to light the candles on this cake

Old School Cake for an Old School Guy

Beth's brother Kurt, Beth, Jason's wife, Heidi, Jackie, Kru and Kurt's wife Jordan

On this side of the house is Beth's dad, Scott, brother, Jason, high school buddies Trevor Twitchell and Casey Robles and 3 of Trevor's kids. Yes, the color on our TV is that green. That's what happens when the blue color chip burns out and leaving red and yellow to do it on their own. Replacement part is coming tomorrow.

Still struggles with the birthday candles.

On a more somber note, John called me this morning with the pathology report of the biopsy from Stanford of his birthmark/lesion on his leg. They took the biopsy a few weeks ago when they removed a portion of the birthmark on his leg. The news was not what we hoped for. The bad news is that the lesion is melanoma - which puts John in the club with Chad and Dad. The good news is that the melanoma is 'in situ' which is almost always curable (Stage 0 vs. the Stage 4 of dad's). John will meet with Dr. Noyes at the University of Utah to determine how to proceed to remove what remains of the birthmark and any other follow up treatment.


  1. Hate that cancer. The good thing about insitu melanoma is that there is only one option of tretment--Cut it out--and that usually does the job. It worked for me and in the process it gave my face a little more character. Best wishes John

  2. Happy Birthmark removal to you. Sounds like a good birthday present. Will this mean a bit less hair to shave for your next tri? All the best.

  3. A heck of a way to get older but glad the diagnosis came early... live/ride/run/swim/skiSTRONG

  4. Welcome to the club - sort of. The good news is that it is "in situ" which means is is essentially cureable. This is a good time to find out that it is present and we will plan on the best. Congratulations on turning 31 and tell you dad that if he is still greaving about the goggles I am sure we have a pair around here somewhere.

  5. Good luck with that John. I always liked that birthmark on you leg. Now it's a bad bad birthmark!

  6. Happy (belated) birthday to one of my favorite triathletes. Long may you run, ride and swim (and ski).