Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day at the Twin Pine Ranch 11-09

We had a wonderful day with all who could make it for Thanksgiving Day but also missed the company of those who couldn't make it. Chad's call from Jerusalem, Jake's from Illinois, and Tom's call and e-mail from San Diego helped add to the occasion Norda spent a lot of time getting ready as documented in the pictures taken before the family started arriving. It has always been her preference to get ready ahead of time rather than wait until everyone gets here and then panicking (which is the system used by some of the unrelated people we know and love.) Notice the round batik table cloths from Indonesia that added greatly to the appearance.

Norda also had 6 small quilts ready to be tied for the Humanitarian services and there were many willing hands ready to help, again as documented in the pictures.

During all of the final preparations (which included a lot of food being carried into the house by all of those who helped prepare the dinner) Beth provided an interlude of piano music that was very appropriate to the setting.

When it was time to eat there seemed to be room for everyone to sit down and fill up although it was quite a bit later before sampling of the many desserts was finished.

Most of the family returned to their various homes later in the evening but Mary, Emily, Amanda, Jamie, Camilla, Carly and Katie all stayed to go shopping in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, everyone else in the house (John and Norda) stayed in bed to make sure the everything was safe and sound. All in all, a most enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving day again!


  1. It was great to be back at the Twin Pine Ranch for Thanksgiving. Thanks to mom for all the prep and for the various cooks that didn't disappoint. I took some comfort knowing that Tom's family was enjoying the warm sunny SoCal Thanksgiving that we have been used to for the past 30 years. Prayers are with dad as he starts his next battle next week.

  2. Looks like are grand time. Thanks for the post. Good to see so many people we love.

  3. Thanks for the pictures. What a great looking Thanksgiving day spread! Well done. The famdamly looks great as well especially the lady in the red sweater. She's so cute!

  4. Looks like we missed another swell Thanksgiving. Our dinner was in a hotel pub, Sam and I had the roast beast with Yorkshire pudding, I loved it, Sam not so much. The soccer tourney wasn't much better for her, to ties and one loss. Fun time at the beach and Sea World and San Diego. Looking forward to Christmas at The Twin Pine Ranch.

  5. BTW when did John and Ryan get moved up to the big kid table?