Monday, November 2, 2009

Cute grandkids spookin' it up in Smithfield

Our Halloween treat this year was a visit from all the grandkids.

"A very cute yoda I am."

I may sound like Miss Piggy but sure don't look like her.

Could I "bee" any cuter?

Holy duplication, Batman! There are two of you!

"I'd rather have J.D. fight that fire. I'm just here for the Gerber 'Halloween' prunes."

From left to right: Gatekeeper, Batman, and Rock Zombie.


  1. What stunning grandchildren you have, if I do say so myself! I love all the costume choices.

  2. Thanks for the photos. We didn't get to see all of them in the flesh. One question - how come there weren't any tin can men in real tin cans?

  3. Ah, those days of yore when entire communities would hold a Halloween Fest and little tykes would parade around the school's gymnasium bedecked in very non-PC cannibal costumes complete with actual roast bone necklaces. What wonderful times, trying to parade around the floor with silver-painted Folgers cans cutting off circulation in arms and legs . . .

    I'm afraid that nowdays people would mistake the tin-canned tin man for C3PO from Star Wars.

  4. That's a bunch of cute grandkids. Fun day to have them all together. Who knew the necklaces were made of real bones. I just hope the shrunken heads weren't real.

  5. Love the pictures along with the captions! Halloween is only fun when you get to see cute kids in their costumes

  6. How can anyone not love Halloween? The kids all look so great in their costumes that range from cute to awesome gruesomeness.