Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tom is how old? (Hint: it started 12-17-64)

Many happy returns to Tom - it has been a great ride so far and we all hope it continues for a long time still. The whole family has really leaned on him for the past 15 or so years for their ski gear and we all appreciate his efforts. As you will see from the pictures, skiing and family have played a big part in his life so far so why change now? As the youngest sibling he always had someone there to help him along the way and now he is doing the same thing with the youngsters and those of us dottering along toward the sunset. How about a shout out for Tom and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tom all dressed up for his first Christmas.

Tom welcoming everyone to a New Years Eve party 12-31-65

Tom dozing off after a hard day playing or traveling.

Tom and Mary at Spring Hollow 1969.

Tom in Hoss Cartwright outfit at Christmas 1969

Tom and Mary as buddies at Spring Hollow up close.

Tom on ride at Opreyland 1973.

Bill helping Tom at Bear Lake.

Tom helping Alex at Bear Lake.

Tom at Beaver when in High School.

Tom and Shelly's engagement picture.

Alex at Beaver 2008.

Mac in powder at Beaver 2008

Sam racing at Brighton 2008.

Shelly at Targhee shortly after their marriage - she knew how to ski when he picked her out.

Tom skiing with the Posse on a groomed run 2008

Tom and family in back yard 2007.


  1. Channeling Jake..... My skis are orange, the sky is gray, I hope it snows on your Birthday parade!! Happy Birthday Bro!!!

  2. Great post, dad. The last couple of pictures were blurry due to tears in my eyes. Happy birthday, Dudley!

  3. "Thomas, alles Gute zum Geburtstag!"

    I've either wished TD a Happy Birthday, or I've ordered some pickled pig stomach.

    Tom, your birthday present will be dropped off at the store as soon as school is out.

  4. Happy Birthday Tom!! Thanks for all the hookups, Clark and I always look fresh on the mountain because of you. Also I'm wondering if swimsuits were not invented, or my dad just liked wearing cut off jeans, and you liked wearing some sort of speedo at the Lake !

  5. Thanks for all your well wishes and making my life better. Cheers, Tom

  6. Happy Birthday Tom. I really like the two pictures at Bear Lake, some things will never grow old.

    P.S. I got a 100 on my paper about Norda's, thanks for your help