Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the season to hang out in the Post Office

On Monday I was able to stand in line at the post office for about 30 minutes then wait at the counter for a slow worker to process a package to England for another 20 minutes. Althought the photographer focused on some guy from Preston (don't they have Post Offices in Idaho) I don't know why, I was there longer.... (the dude on the right asleep at the counter) Happy Holidays!!!

Photo caption: Kent Gardner, of Preston carries a trio of Christmas packages to send out at the Logan Post Offce on Monday. (Meegan M. Reid/Herald Journal; A red-letter Monday)


  1. Oops, passed right over you when I saw the photo! Have you lost weight?

  2. Oh yeah, there you are. Did you do something with your hair? You look younger! (p.s. I added a link to the online version of the story)

  3. How lucky can you get? Fifty minutes in line with a lot of interesting people, watching the effeciency of the US Post Office first hand, and then getting your picture taken and published by a profesional - wow! We hope you got home in time for supper.