Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Lorin!

So many birthdays...hopefully the next Falslev baby will add his birthday to the list soon, soon, soon!!!

I put up this same post on my blog...yes, lazy...well it is early, early on Lorin's birthday (really after midnight here, but I can't complain about the CA time that I was just so thankful for on my previous post for Erin :) So, Happy 28th Birthday Lorin! Here is a quick list of 28 things I love about him. I'll make it fast so you don't get too bored...

1. Smile
2. Sense of humor
3. Testimony

4. Awesome dad5. Good hair
6. Good hygeine
7. Responsible
8. Funny
9. Not too tall, Not too short
10. Example
11. Not too skinny (almost)
12. Not too fat - not even close!
13. Strong arms - he flexes them for me all the time...
14. Awesome wakeboarder/surfer15. Good taste (in my opinion)
16. Best friend
17. Like able
18. Pretty eyes (I don't pay much attention to eyes & didn't even know for sure what color eyes he had for the first 3 years we were married)
19. Great teeth (I am more of a teeth person)
20. Weird feet - don't ask, but it's funny & quirky
21. Good provider
22. Generous
23. Thankful (for me - haha!)
24. Trustworthy
25. Loyal
26. Loveable
27. Mr. Fix-it
28. Awesome Husband!!
Happy Birthday, hope it's the best one yet!! Love you - Paige


  1. Happy Birthdays to both Erin and Lorin. Looks like Jack Falslev is working on a December 5th birthday, even as I type. We'll keep you posted.

  2. Happy Birthday Lorin! Well it looks like December is a popular month to have a birthday. I guess the cool people have birthday's during this month!

  3. I concur with all that Paige said about Lorin only adding that he's a great (and my favorite) son-in-law.

  4. We also agree - Lorin is one awsome dude who, along with Paige, is raising a family that anyone could be proud of. You made a tremdous choice in a short time, Paige!

  5. Good, Great and Awesome seem to show up multiple times on the list. I concur. Happy Birthday!

  6. I also agree with the above. I think we have a pretty great family all around!

  7. 29. Excellent RipSticker and Alex entertainer.

    Keep smiling....