Monday, December 8, 2008

A busy birthday

Will turned four on Sunday the 7th. We celebrated on Saturday with a busy day. First stop was the BYU family Christmas party complete with games, crafts and food.

That afternoon at 1:30 we had a birthday party complete with stair sliding, freeze tag, hide and seek, rope swinging and a treasure hunt.
I was slow on the shutter for Will's friend Kara (who he plans to marry), but it makes for a fun picture.
A transformer birthday cake (baked by mom and decorated by dad)
After the party and saying good bye to G & G Tueller and G & G Emmett we went to buy a Christmas tree (freshly cut sub-alpine fir)
At sleep that night in his most comfortable position after a very busy day.
FHE a few weeks ago with a successful scripture pictionary type game from the Friend magazine


  1. It's obvious that Will knows a good stair slider when he sees one in Kara! Great photos of some good times. Birthday cheer to Will.

  2. We were glad to spend some time with the family after the party and the pictures prove a good time was had by all. Isn't it great to watch the changes as the years roll around - we have forgotten a lot but still have many favorite memories at our disposal.

  3. Those stair sliding photos are great. Will knows how to have fun!

  4. 101 best uses for a Therma Rest, 83 - stair sliding. Shout out to Will's big day.

  5. I can't believe Will gets to stair slide at his birthday party. It seems like we only got to do that when Mom and Dad weren't home. That and jump off of the 2nd floor balcony into a pile of every pillow in the house. Nice work Will!