Thursday, December 4, 2008

Elder Mikey's Thanksgiving in Colorado

Elder Emmett and his companion, Elder Stephenson, were hosted by the Snelgrove family for a Thanksgiving feast. Sister Snelgrove emailed Annie to ask about Michael's favorite food and as you read in his letter this week, he was lucky enough to find some E.L. Fudge cookies waiting for him! Sister Snelgrove was also kind enough to send along some photos of the two elders. Lucky us - because Michael has not been very faithful in sending photos home so we are happy to see that he is not wasting away. I think he looks great! I know he's an awesome missionary to boot!

Dad: "I think the 16" collar fits better"
Michael: "I like the 16.5" better"
Dad: "It looks too loose"
Michael: "Let's get the 16.5"
Dad: "OK"

Good call by Michael.


  1. A loose 16.5 is better than a tight 16 in my book.

  2. Nice photos. I got an e-mail yesterday from Tshina Etter who I met summer of 07 in Indonesia where she was serving a mission. Here is what she wrote to me: "Your nephew is serving a mission in my Single's ward in Aurora, CO. He looks a lot like you." I'll take that as a compliment. Keep up the good work Michael.

  3. My favorite part of Michael's Thanksgiving was the Double E.L. Fudge comment. Why is it that Double Stuff Oreos are so good but Double E.L. Fudge so bad?