Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Past - The lasting tradition of the Christmas Pageant

1983 - Baby Paige in the role of Jesus with Allison, Kristin, Adrienne and John (L-R)

1983 - why has the pool cue fallen out of favor as a shepherd's staff? Kristin and Adrienne

1984 - Name this baby Jesus. Brian or Melissa?

1985 - It's a miracle, baby Jesus can walk!

1988 Laura, Brian, Melissa, Michael, John, Emily, Allison, Adrienne, Kristin, Paige

1990 - a year without a real baby Jesus. This year there will be three - Lily, Bruce and Jack (and if Mindy delivers early there could be FOUR)

1998 - some amigos, err Shepherds, are happier than others....

2000 - Joel, in his debut as baby Jesus, looks for a familiar face - and finds one!

2000 - Is that a camel in the middle of the picture?

2004 - Another miracle, Joseph found his long lost hat and the wise women from Russia visited in their fur hats

2007 - Polly negotiated her contract up until stage time while Jack wanted a costume change.

2007 - Jack channeling Brian from 1985


  1. Cool post. What a fun tradition. This year all can participate by throwing stones at a prophesying Samuel.

  2. Thanks for the post - I don't have all of the pictures on my hard drive and they really brought back a lot of good memories. We will have to arbitrate the casting this year when everyone is here. The pictures, and the new showblower, both bring tears to grandma's eyes.

  3. Ah the memories! Looking forward to next week! :>)

  4. Those pictures bring back many found childhood memories!
    The baby in Christmas '84 would be Brian - I think I was a little too big at that point to be able to fit in that bed.
    Thanks Bob for the post!

  5. The camel in 2000 is still wearing those same shoes.
    John's face in 1985 says, "finally, someone else who can be Joseph."
    "And His name shall be . . . Carly!"