Saturday, March 15, 2008

Samboni hits the gates

Lorie and I traveled down to Snowbasin today and watched Sam rock the course. The girl can turn 'em.


  1. Did I tell y'all who won the Herald Journal 9 and under race in 1963? I digress.... No one doubts that 'the girl can turn 'em'. Always proud to introduce myself as Sam's Uncle Bob.

  2. Nicely done Uncle Bill... Sam skied the SL well. She started 46th (based on other results and ranking) and finished 23rd out of 50 racers. That is a big move up and lots of pionts for the next level next season. This was an Open Series race with a lot of strong skiers mostly from the JO level (one up from her level). Ted Ligety's 22 year old brother Charley raced and finished second.

    Sam's ski ability is in her blood from her racing Grandpa Emmett who was on the USU Ski Team. Thanks for making this all happen Dad. We love you and Mom (my first ski instructor).

  3. Who is the ringer from Canada masquerading at Sam Emmett dressed in Logan High colors? I may have raced a little bit for USU but I never, ever, looked like Sam does - and still don't!