Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday Dad!

Cache Valley was good to us this Easter. It's a long story, but we ended up having to drive into Logan from Hyde Park to use Grandma & Grandpa's shower n Sunday morning. It was very much appreciated to not end up as the stinky family at church on Easter Sunday. (It reminded me of how clean Grandma keeps the house when she doesn't have guests leaving their clutter & toys everywhere!) The only thing we did for Polly this Easter was her new dress to match all her cousins. What will it be like with a little boy in the middle of all these girls?

We were also grateful to Tom, Shelly & their kids for helping watch Polly while we went to the Sky View Encore dinner theater on Saturday night. The dinner was good & the performance was great. At Tom & Shelly's, Polly colored Easter Eggs & came home happy with a cute easter basket (pictured below)! Thanks for entertaining her all evening after such a long day.

Last but not least ... Happy Birthday to my favorite bishop! I didn't know if & when I should call, so I sent out a birthday text message after church. Hopefully the ward went easy on you because of the holiday & your birthday on the same day! (If it were our old ward you would have been invited to primary for a special birthday song, too!) Happy Birthday & we love you!


  1. Dudley the elder,
    Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry that our Utah ski trips didn't line up this spring. Next year we'll have to do some better planning.

  2. Too young to be a bishop and grandpa but still a great brother. Many more birthdays to come. Dudley the younger

  3. Jake, sorry we didn't have time to call and wish you Happy Birthday personally. We left for Utah County at 10 am and got home 12 hours later but it was a very enjoyable Easter "vacation" for us anyway.

  4. He is the BEST bishop ever and we love his family! they all are great examples to us! I love this picture of him and Polly--boy they love that girl!
    jackie G (from Charleston)