Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Molly!

Happy 18th Birthday! I don't know about all the festivities of the day, but I do know that as I write this post, Molly is out to dinner with my parents & Erin.
I hope you had a great birthday Molly & hope to see you in Utah SOON! Love - Lorin, Paige, Polly & Studley Dudley.
I also put up a post on the Fotheringham blog, let me know if you don't have access to login & I can send you an invite.


  1. You Go Girl!!! (please say in an Uncle Bill - not that there's anyting wrong with that - voice) The Cubs photo must be a futuristic shot of you at age 98, not bad then and for sure not bad now. Happy 18!!!

  2. What an all-round great girl and grand-daughter. We are looking forward to having you closer in Utah later this year. In the meantime, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. molly you are so beautiful! These pictures are Great! i love the hair one!Jackie G. (from Charlseston)