Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Off to the Races

Sam finished 2nd in the Kombi race, first in the SL and first in the GS giving her the combined overall title for South Series Championship at Snowbasin. Not bad for a first year ski racer... On a sad note her friend Jocelyn Garlick was killed at Beaver on Saturday when she hit a tree. This was tough news for Sam and all of us. Our hearts go out to her family. Sam dedicated her GS race to Jocie with encouraging words Jocie often said written on Sam's boots. "Go big or go Home!" and Jocie's nick name "Jiggy." It must of paid off....

Not all racing, Easter weekend was full of activities. We enjoyed listening to Polly and coloring Easter eggs. McKinley took the giant step and enjoyed her first day at Young Women's.


  1. Congratulations Sam! Way to go big! We were sad to hear about the accident at Beaver when we dropped off Polly. I hope you & all the family & friends are doing well.

    Thanks again for taking Polly & sorry about not leaving any diapers! Yikes! Good thing Grandma is always prepared. It looks Polly she had fun with all the Easter festivities & we are glad that someone went through the effort to color eggs with her. :)

  2. "first year skier"? I'll buy "first year racer". By my calculations, Sam has been skiing for about 16 years....give or take a couple. Congrats on 'going big' rather than going home during a sad weekend.

  3. Happy and sad at the same time. Congratulations to Sam for doing what we allkknew she could in the first place. Mac and Alex look like they were having as much fun as Polly was.

  4. Congratulations on the wins Sam! Very thoughtful to dedicate your race in Jocie's name.

    From the looks of Polly, the Easter egg dying was a hit!

  5. Sam continues to shot upward on my list of heroes. Way to go.

  6. I just saw this! Thanks again for watching Polly that night. She loves you guys!