Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more photos from Logan

The Springville Emmett's stopped by to celebrate Mac's birthday.

Mac, talking on the phone with her mom, was very surprised I got her room painted (not the pink upper part yet, but soon) before she got home from school but most suprised with the new bedroom set for her 12th birthday.

Alex and Mac have been great supporters, most of the time, of Sam's races. Brighton ski resort.

This may be as close as we get to an Olympic champion. Did Sam sign uncle Bill's Dr. Pepper can? Snow Basin

Alex enjoyed many hours skiing by himself at Snow Basin and riding the jumps in the park. When I road up the little lift with him the lifty said, "Hey, you found someone to go in the park with you." I think they all got a kick out of him.


  1. Love the room Mac! Tom, are you for hire on painting?

  2. It's good Sam has her own support team - and a handsome bunch they are!

  3. A most excellent display of familial digital images.