Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Current photos from Beaver Mountain





Elliott Rich

Wayne Rich

Robert Hutchison

Papa John favoring right knee

Papa John favoring left knee

It has been fun having the Illini Emmetts here this week and to also get in some skiing with Chad, Sarah, Joel, Jake, Lorin, Tom, Shelly, Alex, and what is left of the Courduroy Posse. The weather has been somewhat variable so some days we could see better than on others but even a bad day of skiing beats most other days. Jim Fain, a professional rodeo photographer and also a Beaver Mountain instructor, took some pictures of me during two rides last Monday. Unfortunately they all looked like me skiing - none looked like Bode Miller, Herman Maier, Samantha Emmett, or Stein Erickson. Oh well, if its true, its true.


  1. Dad, aren't you and Stein the same age? Thanks for posting some photos of the posse. You all look great. I really like the photos of tom and 'Mini-Me'. I guess if you can ski like Tom, you can wear a matching outfit.

  2. It was a great couple of days 'riding' with the posse, Tom, Lorin and Bill. Sunny and fast, the next best thing to powder. Thanks to Tom for the equipment and dad for the photos and instructions all those years ago. Spring break was made for skiing.

    I'll leave my season pass at the Twin Pine Ranch for anyone who wants to borrow it.

  3. Very nice blog... From ages 7 to 80 and beyond those are some great turns by all.