Thursday, December 27, 2007

Someone please teach Tom, Shelly and their kids to ski

Please, this family needs help. If you have some time and talent, please contact this family and offer to help them learn how to ski. From the photos below, you can see that young Alex is afraid of speed - much like his sister Sam. Props to McKinley for showing some fashion sense. With Tom and Sam in matching Black Spyder outfits - down to their skis and baby blue Lange boots and Shelly and Sam not far behind in their black/dark outfits it was good to see Mac showing some fashion leadership. Alex



Thomas Dudley the One and Only - getting some sweet powder from Monday's storm midday on Thursday. How great is that?! Granted, the Beav was closed on Christmas, but to still find some fresh tracks on Thursday, justifies the day off.


  1. Yeah, I should stay awake at night worrying about that! I tell everyone that I tought them everything I know and they still ski better than I do.

  2. Well Dad, I teach them everthing I know but they have only listened to thier Mom, Shelly. After all, her ten years of teaching at Beaver has to pay off some way.

  3. Talk about smooth and silky! Tom is butter. Pure butter as is the rest of the family.

    Run slow, ski like Tom!