Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bros Backside at the Beav part one

Jake eats a little of Bill's dust on the backside at the Beav. Where else can you get fresh tracks at 1:00 after a fine ham sandwich lunch? MPR (my pal Roland) showed us all how a grandpa skis the steep and deep. Two more storms on the way this week.....


  1. Epic! As usual, the photographer didn't have any luck handing the camera off to someone else so he could be recorded in action - better luck next time, Bob.

  2. Once again, the faovirte child (or one of them) Roland shows us the "smothest" way fo getting it done. The other kid still has it too, after all Jake is THE Mogul Champ of Beaver.

  3. I'll take seconds to YPR any day if only for the chance of stealing a style point or two.