Monday, December 3, 2007

December 2007 so far...

It's only December 3rd but we had a pretty busy & fun weekend so our December pictures are getting off to a great start. Saturday was the first big snow & Lorin took Polly on a walk in her sled around the neighborhood. She loved being outside, as all kids do, learning to sled, watching Lorin shovel & eating snow.

Saturday night was the ward party. We are still meeting people & we seem to be at a stage that no one else is. Everyone either has 6 kids or none. So we don't fit in with the big families, but the couples with no kids have tended to steer clear from us so far. It's a great ward & there is one couple who is expecting their first in April, so they might be our best bet. :) Anyway, as you can see, Polly had a hard time with Santa this year. She loves him in books & movies but not so much in person.

On another note, tomorrow is Erin's 15th birthday! I feel bad I didn't do a post for Ben on November 27th, but we all know he doesn't check the blog anyway. Erin is turning 15, right? Haha... Happy Birthday tomorrow Erin! I know she isn't as regular about checking the blog as she is myspace or facebook, but this way I can put up a cute picture of us for everyone to see. Happy Birthday! See you in 19 days!


  1. Thanks for the posting. It looks like Polly is getting hooked on Utah winters so trips to the ski hill can't be very far behind.

  2. Cute picture indeed! Happy Birthday Erin. Annie AKA anonymous

  3. Polly is just TOO CUTE!! Even though she is a little sad on Santa's lap. and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. As I recall, Polly's grandpa Emmett had a similar reaction to Santa. Very cute of Polly and the sisters!!