Sunday, December 2, 2007

More from CA Thanksgiving

Here's some more photos from our trip home for Thanksgiving

Jack of course had fun exploring every inch of the plane but when he crawled into his mother's lap and went to sleep we started to wonder if he was really our son. The last time he slept in either of our arms was probably a year ago.

Jack loves getting his very own apple or cob of corn. He puts those little teeth to work and is entertained for a while.

We made a couple trips to San Onofre to test out the new Gibbs Longboards. Here is Beth in her new wetsuit showing how it's done at Old Man's. There are now 9 surfboards at my parents place so if you ever want to come to Irvine we can outfit just about everyone who wants.

Jack was anxious to get in on the surfing action but was happy to settle for trips to the pool.

On Monday we went to Oxnard and Grandpa McEuen took us to lunch at Yolanda's.

The weekend wouldn't have been complete without a victory over Yewtah. GOOOO Cougars!


  1. Whenever they fall asleep in your arms unexpected...that's a good day. :) Looks like a fun trip! We'll see you at Christmas!

  2. It looks like you all had a good time in California. Don't be surprised if some of the "keepers" show up on future birthday cards.

  3. COUGARS?! How about them AGGIES?!! Winning TWO football games!!