Monday, December 17, 2007

Just FYI...

Just to spare any big announcement at Christmas, I thought I would publicly let Grandma & Grandpa know about their 2nd Great-grandchild coming in 2008! (This is not our ultrasound, just one that I saw – about 9 weeks) In my opinion, a blog announcement is perfectly acceptable for a 2nd child…just not quite as exciting as the first…but still pretty exciting. Anyone else want to make an announcement? I told my Dad he could help spread the news, but I guess it’s all up to me since he didn’t tell anyone. It is still pretty early for me to be making any announcements; I won’t go to the doctor until January 2nd and probably be due at the end of July (so anything could happen). We were hoping for a spring baby, but the middle of summer will have to do! So don’t congratulate us quite yet (well, you can if you want) since I still don’t feel quite up to speed. I am among the few who can keep down food, although it doesn’t help me out trying to get sympathy from Lorin if I don’t show any real symptoms of sickness. We haven’t told very many of our friends, so if I am lucky none of them will follow my Emmettville link from our blog & find out early. I am going to wait until I go to the doctor before going completely public. We will see you all at Christmas! We will be making the arrival to Logan with the Illinois Emmetts on December 23rd!
Love – Lorin, Paige & Polly


  1. Now that it's official, CONGRATULATIONs to you both (or all three of you if Polly is counted.) We already have you in our prayers along with Beth so don't either of you let us down! Keep us posted.

  2. Congrats!! I had a feeling one of these was coming, I mean after all its Christmas, the time of year for baby announcements! Just in time for the family reunion!

  3. Congratulations! I knew an annoucement would be coming pretty soon. Allison? Melissa?