Monday, June 9, 2008

Utah Vacation

At my Grandma Smith House with Madison and Justin Burnett before heading back to Midway.
In Midway with Jack and Lily
Lunch at the Italian Place

I flew up Friday night May 30th and was picked up by my mom in Salt Lake. I spent Saturday in Midway helping out John and Beth. I headed down to Provo to eat lunch and get fitted for the wedding. I was given permission to take Jack to Logan so on Sunday after his nap we hopped in the car for two hours and arrived safely in Logan. I was a little nervous having Jack in the car alone for two hours but he did a great job and entertained himself. On Monday afternoon Jack and I met up with my Grandma Smith, Grandma & Grandpa and my cousin Michelle & Dave family for lunch at the Italian Place.


  1. Who would have thought Kristin could cram trips to see friends in Provo, SLC and family in Logan into a short trip to UT and still have time to help Beth with Jack and Lily. I'm glad you didn't use your cell phone at the Italian Place - I know your brother John won't make that mistake again!

  2. Why wasn't your favorite uncle invited for lunch? I guess 'cause Bill, Chad, Jim or Jake couldn't make it...

  3. So sorry to my uncles in Logan. I should have tried harder to get more family there. :)

  4. We are surprised we don't look as full as we were after having finished all of our sandwiches. It was good to see you in Logan again!