Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mapleton to South Dakota

Does this sign look familiar to anyone who may have been accompanying Grandpa Fife 40 some odd years ago?
This is the great-grandson of the notorious bull involved in what has come to be known as the "William Fife Incident." Mary thought she recognized some of the same horn characteristics as the ones on this bull's great-grandfather. Although I walked to about 30 yards of this bull in order to get his picture, he never even lifted his head -- probably because I was not wearing a hat.
Finally fulfilling one of my childhood dreams, we visit the Little Big Horn Memorial Battlefield.

Jamie, Camilla and Carly take turns feeding one of the "Show Calves" at the Wolter Ranch, Wessington Springs, South Dakota. Although the kids had a fun time, Mary was happy we did not stay more than one night.

Although it was a little on the cool side, we all enjoyed seeing the "Men of the Mountain."

The Crazy Horse Memorial is an amazing story. Perhaps when these 4 red-headed imitators return in 20 years with their children, the mountain will more closely resemble the artist's model.

The same four redheads walk a path close to where their great, great-grandmother, Agnes Caldwell walked at age 9, with Devil's Gate in the background.

5 days and 2300 miles later, the journey begins to take its toll. And everyone is thankful we did not have to do it in a handcart.


  1. The original Buffalo sign said they were "fast and dangerous" but we didn't really read it until after Grandpa Fife was gored. And, only in your dreams will the family that operates the Crazy Horse business ever finish the monument - it is too lucrative the way it is.

  2. That Buffalo would look great in the entrance to Mary's home next to the black bear, big horn sheep, and so on.... Does your dad have any left?

  3. Great report! But where's the Devil's Tower shot?