Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Koebe and Jaxson

Max and Chance
Grizzly Adams (or his brother Matt)
Your Pal Roland
Katie and pops
Tyler and Max

Yesterday Norda and I went to Matt and Kim's to help celebrate the birthdays of Koebe (July 6th) and Jaxson (June 28th). In addition to the visiting on their shady lawn and eating cake and ice cream it gave me a chance to play around with the digital camera. Unfortunately some of the candids photos didn't do justice to everyone so Lorie, Laura, Clark, Allison, Norda and I are not included in this post. I also haven't found out how to arrange the spaces between pictures (Bob has to do the editing) so what you see is what you get. Matt sits pretty well with a torn posterior horn of the medial meniscus in his right knee but will have surgery to get it "fixed" on July 15th so we wish him well.


  1. Looks like a swell time... Happy B-day Jaxson and Koebe!

  2. Happy Birthday Koebe and Jaxson! Wish we could have been there.

  3. Other than the old gray-haired guy, the fam looks good, especially the birthday boys. Thanks.

  4. I remembered to late that you had to post the identification under each picture as you went along so, somewhat late, here goes (top to bottom): Koebe, Jaxson, Chance, Max and Chance, Adrienne, Kim, Matt, Bill wearing t-shirt from same day early morning 28 mile run/walk to the top of Mt. Logan and back, Katie and Bill, Max, Ty ler and Max.

  5. Dad, You're keeping your editor busy. I fixed the spacing. I'll add the picture ID's later. The birthday boys look like they enjoyed the day. Is that a new shirt on YPR? 28 miles of trail running and then cake and ice cream for recovery? wow. I wish I could run 2.8 miles or maybe even 3. 28 is crazy.

  6. Other than the old gray-haired guy, the fam looks great, especially Koebe and Jaxon. Happy birthdays!

  7. Grandpa- thank you for not contributing my picture. It was probably pretty scary or maybe I was just picking my nose! The party was grand. Thanks Matt and Kim for having three adorable boys that we can celebrate with.