Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Lorin, Grandpa, my awesome uncles & cousins that are Father's & important, influential men in my life. I made this slide show for my dad - trying to make up for the fact that I am NO GOOD at getting holiday & birthday gifts out to Illinois on time. :) Although any excitement is going to be geared towards seeing Ben on THURSDAY, not a Father's Day package from me. Understandable. As soon as you move out west, you get your presents on the correct day. Deal?
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Happy Father's Day Grandpa! Thanks for all your efforts to have a happy family that loves each other (I believe it has been a success by the way)! We are thankful for you, your example & all you do.

Last but definitely not least - Happy Father's Day to Lorin! I can't express how grateful I am for him. Being an awesome husband & father can't be easy! I am so thankful for his example & support in all I do & all the sacrifices he makes & love he has for our family. If only he were here to help me pick out a picture instead of at his brother's house watching Transformers past midnight...


  1. Thank you, Paige. Having children, their mates, grandchildren and their mates, and great-grandchildren makes it all worth while. We couldn't ask for a better family or one that we love more. You are all a blessing in our lives.

  2. A shout out to all the Dad's in the family. A special thanks to Papa John for starting all this mess. Love you all.

  3. Thanks, again Paige. I really love the slide show. We'll move out there as soon as the curse is removed.

  4. Let me add my best wishes to dad and the rest of you dads out there.

  5. Cute slideshow Paige! I hope all the father's out there had a great day!