Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sam owns the podium

Some of the Irvine Emmetts were treated to a front row seat watching Sam wear the Emmett colors proudly (they look a lot like Canada's colors) at a Slalom race today at Snowbird. Wow. Not only does Sam look "fetching" (her word) in her race suit, she also looks smooth and fast. Very fast. We missed her first run by just seconds but we were in for a treat watching her second run. She dominated. I have 30 photos to prove it. Here's two for your viewing pleasure. If you look close you can see her cousin John and mom on the left hand side of the photo at the finish line. She proved her all around talent by finishing second in her first skill event to go along with her 3rd place finish last week in the Super G - a speed event. She can do it all. Please forward any interview requests to her new agent - Uncle Bob.


  1. Sam lookis just like her Grandpa Emmett - only different! More like her dad, really. Congratulations on a great day.

  2. hey Sam, I thought you promised the exclusive agent contract to your attorney uncle. Just because Bob is the endorsement king doesn't mean he knows a thing about a contract integration clause.

    Keep up the good work!