Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A day at the Beav

Me and Adrienne (did I use proper english?) up skiing the Beav!
Yes that is a Moose going for a jog up the canyon.  There was a row of cars behind him and the snow was too high for him to jump over.
Just a cute picture of Max and Katie outside the Falslev residence

Ignore my ugly voice and Adrienne cheering!  I promised Clark I would post them on the blog.  He kept watching the videos on the way home and critiquing them, which was good since the camera was out we got the picture of the Moose as it jogged past!  


  1. Never mind I don't know why the videos aren't working since they were working when I previewed it...maybe I did it wrong.

  2. The videos are working now. How fun, it looked like a great day up at the Beav...even the moose was out enjoying the sunshine!

  3. Fun pictures & videos! You are close on the grammar...just ask YPR. (Adrienne & me)

  4. Great post - and Clark is a real show off on skis. Just give him a few years and he will figure out what is safe and what isn't at an older age.

  5. Laura Lou - queen of the blogisphere. Very nice. The video was impressive. In my failed attempts to do a 360, I never got much past 320, which always resulted in tragedy. Congrats on the new job and the move to Cambridge.

  6. Well done! Very cute photos, including the moose. And Clark can give us a mute grab one minute and clean a pool the next. The man's got game. Oh, since you asked:

    Adrienne and I (did I use proper English).

    I only correct when asked.