Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grandma Emmett schussing at da 'Bird

No....... Not THAT Grandma Emmett..... and btw, this is not the Grandma Emmett from Smithfield or Charleston either. This is Grandma Emmett from Irvine.

Brian seems to have shadows under his skis
John has the governor off

While Annie, John, Brian and I waited for Sam's second run at Snowbird today, we were able to get in a couple of fun runs. These photos are on a groomer in Mineral Basin. This is a much different scene than the day before when Chad joined Brian, John and me to ski close to 30 inches of fresh powder. Snowbird reported 22 inches, but the wind blew several bonus inches into Mineral Basin. The windy and snowy weather kept the crowd low so we were still getting fresh tracks up until lunch - which is very rare at Snowbird. One of those extremely rare days where each turn brought a face full of snow. Chad even gave me permission to describe it as EPIC.


  1. How come they have lived in So. California for years and can still ski like that. It doesn't seem fair to me but what do I know.

  2. My favorite comment was John bragging how good of a day it was on Friday but the greatest part was "no camera." I assume that means fewer stops and more time for face shots.