Monday, February 11, 2008

Max's Birthday Party

This is my first Blog so I hope I do it right!  I just wanted to add a few pictures of Max at his birthday party!  I bought him a little tool box with wooden tools in it so he started hammering away at everything.  Leave it to the aunt to buy him a loud toy.  When we were all leaving he was saying "Bye Happy Birthday" since that is what everyone had been telling him all night.  


  1. The photo of you and Max is precious! You make a great looking couple. Looks like the tool box is a great "hit." Well done.

  2. Looski!!! Nice post. I'm not surprised that you figured out how to make an excellent post on your first attempt. The added bonus is that you and Max look fabulous in your birthday hats.

  3. I'm sure glad my sisters are looking out for their out-of-date shorter sister with no computer! Thanks girls for taking care of the pictures from birthday numero dos! Loved them all.